Guillaume Dumas

I am a research fellow of the Human Genetics and Cognitive Functions Laboratory in the Institut Pasteur, and an affiliate member of the Human Brain and Behavior Laboratory, in the Center for Complex Systems and Brains Sciences of Florida Atlantic University.

In parallel, I participates in various projects melting Design and Art. I also do scientific journalism for radio and public journals. I am the co-founder of the HackYourPhD community, which advocates the use of openness in Science and Knowledge as a common good in Society. Finally, I am the co-founder and president of ARTEMOC, the French Association of Transdisciplinary Research on Altered States of Cognition.

You will find here all my works, most of them are in Science but you will also find some projects in relation to Art or Society. The blog, for instance, offers some personal thoughts about the new relationship between Science and Society through the prism of complexity approaches.

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