Silvia Ábalos

It was June the 24th, 1980 on “San Juan’s day”, when the public of Guadalajara listened for the first time the Silvia’s voice, interpreting Pirecuas, Romances, Corridos, Arrullos in Huichol and Boleros. She was a young girl. The concert took place in the “Agora” of the former Carmen’s Monastery, in Guadalajara; the city where she was born… Since her beginning as a singer, Silvia sings the Mexican music in Spanish and Indigenous languages like: Purepecha, Nahuatl, Huichol and Zapoteco. She performs popular and folk Mexican music as well .

It has always been essential to her to present the work of Mexican composers such as Pancho Madrigal, Luis Manuel Mercado, Rafaél Mendoza, David Haro, Marcial Alejandro, Memo Briseño, as welle as her own compositions ; without forgetting the poetical heritage left by Agustin Lara, Alvaro Carrillo, Chamaco Dominguez, Tomas Mendez, Joaquin Pardave, Consuelito Velazquez, Guty Cardenas, Gabriel Luna de la F., Armando Manzanero, Cuco Sánchez, María Grever and many others who wrote yesterday and today’s Mexico’s musical history.

Silvia counts with the collaboration of many musicians who come from different musical horizons and more over from different countries : Venezuela, Spain, Brazil, France, Africa, Argentina, Cuba, Martinique, Uruguay, Belgium and Mexico. This multicultural fusion gives her music a unique color, mixing sounds from deep Afro-Mexican, Indigenous and Spanish roots with Jazz rhythms. The result is a real example of “Music MESTIZA” which is totally universal and modern, and at the same time, “Authentically Mexican”…

Silvia has sung in many cultural festivals in France, Belgium, Mexico, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

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